European Summer School for Digital Humanities
2017 in Leipzig. Workshop held by Jochen Tiepmar and Monica Berti in cooperation with CLARIN-D

The virtual machine for the practical sessions with pre installed demos is available here. The operating system is OpenSuse (Linux). Oracle VM can be used to start it.
The solutions for the tasks are not available because they were discussed in the workshop and not pre prepared.
A small Cheat Sheet is available here and some technical help here.

Session PDF
T1-Canonical Text Services Overview Presentation Slides
P2-CTS Requests and Virtual Machine Tasks
T3-Admin Tool and CtraCE Slides
P3-Manage CTS Instances Tasks
T4-Input TEI Slides
P4-TEI Markup and Load local Files Tasks
T5-Alignment and Advanced Stuff Slides
P5-Alignment Tools and Advanced Stuff Tasks
T6-Canonical Text Miner Slides
P6-Canonical Text Miner Tasks
T7-Canonical Text Miner Admin Tool Slides
P7-Manage Canonical Text Miner Tasks
T8-Text Reuse Slides
T9-Interoperability Slides